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    vienna, austria
    modular lighting system by christopher rhomberg & camillo spiegelfeld expandable in all dimensions - milled pe sewage pipes, electric fittings rs1 is a spacial extension of the existing architecture. the system can be built from floor to wall and ceiling - from one room to the next, merging spaces and blurring boundaries between them. the glowing pattern milled into the pipes represents a text written in braille that translates into different definitions of the concept of light. a seeing person can perceive the system visually but can not decrypt its meaning. A blind person can literally grasp the system in a haptic and intellectual way but will never be able to see it. stepping out of the walls into the living space these waste water pipes carry light and information instead of sewage. a transformation that gives them a completely new meaning and value. available in various sizes, formations & colors. for inquiries please send us a message in-house production  

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